Innervation (formerly Scilence)

Innervation: Ep 8 The Search for Truth

August 10, 2021

I speak to Dr. Precious Lunga, who is Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow's wife.  I mention Jon first up because people always want headlines and we may have come across Precious through him.  BUT after speaking with Precious, an impressive, uber smart and grounded Woman in STEM, it confirms that women can be all they are in their glory, without having to stand in the shadows of their men.  Through this conversation you'll see how incredible Precious she is - she studied neuroscience and Epidemiology Cambridge University and turned down a full-time post doc to do field work in Africa on HIV.  She's a true person of substance and has contributed vast amounts in the medical field.  This episode is a 'must-listen'

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