Innervation (formerly Scilence)
Innervation:  S3 Episode 5 Where you’re meant to Be

Innervation: S3 Episode 5 Where you’re meant to Be

July 26, 2022

In this conversation we talk about striving to achieve it all and get realistic about the challenges and sacrifices involved in ticking all of the boxes as a woman in engineering and STEM. Its amazing how the first few years of our lives shape the rest of our futures too!

Innervation S3:  Episode 4 Bring Unique

Innervation S3: Episode 4 Bring Unique

July 19, 2022

UNIQ+ research internships are designed to provide students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds who are ordinarily resident in the UK, with the opportunity to experience postgraduate study. Dr. Tom Crawford (mathematician/fluid dynamicist), Dr. Sagida Bibi (immunologist) and I get together on a panel to talk about our experiences doing doctorates. Its a 90-min chat, where we take questions from the audience. The sound is not great on this recording, but I wanted to be able to share this experience with you all!

Innervation: S3 Ep 3 Your Difference is Your Power

Innervation: S3 Ep 3 Your Difference is Your Power

July 12, 2022

This conversation gets really honest about under representation in STEM and life. We open up about cultural differences and navigating being different! This conversation offers so much solution, but also gets raw about the problems. This episode is an eye-opener to mental well-being and empowerment.

Innervation:  S3 Ep 2 Persistence is Key

Innervation: S3 Ep 2 Persistence is Key

July 5, 2022

It’s so inspiring meeting young women who have a strong drive and ambition to build careers in STEM.  Thendral Kamal is one of those women.  She is so focussed on becoming the first Indian woman on Mars, that she is leaving no stone unturned in getting there.  Not only is she an aerospace engineering student, but she is also so knowledgeable about NASA, that one would think that she already works there.  If you are feeling a bit lack lustre about your own path in life, listen to this episode and it will give you the rocket boost you need to realise your own greatest potential.   

Innervation:  S3 Ep 1 Input / Output

Innervation: S3 Ep 1 Input / Output

June 28, 2022

She is an engineer through and through. She sees the world through an engineering lens. Totally head led, totally, rational and loving protocol, because it allows her to think outside of the box and solve problems - like all great engineers do. She’s a mechanical engineer and more, who believes in the power of repeatability. Practice is key, which she applies to all multi-dimensions of herself. Nika is such an interesting person and is a great speaker - I highly recommend this conversation, for a boost towards your own goals and dreams in life - Nika is a truly motivating force.

Innervation:  S2 Episode 51 Dependent on No One

Innervation: S2 Episode 51 Dependent on No One

June 21, 2022

Watch out boys, girls are increasing in empowerment. We want independence and don’t want to have to rely or report to men. Its time to level up to what women bring to the table! Prachi Gupta was raised in India, a place where women are still assumed to have a subordinate role to men, but the young women of India are starting to find this mentality completely unacceptable to them and in this conversation, we hear what they are doing about it through STEM…

Innervation: S2 Ep 50 I am my own Cheerleader

Innervation: S2 Ep 50 I am my own Cheerleader

June 14, 2022

Anete Dowling is passionate about machine learning, especially when applied to social robotics.  She works hard and pushes herself to be the best she can be in this field.  At the same time, she has also been blessed with good looks because she is also a fashion model.  I have a chat with her about doing these seemingly contrasting jobs and I find her attitude towards her work really refreshing and really current for our times.  Why should any of us try and squeeze ourselves into pigeon holes, when we can enjoy all that life has to offer us instead!  I’m all for the idea of being the best possible version of yourselves, however multi-dimensional that may be.  

Innervation:  S2 Episode 49 No One is Better

Innervation: S2 Episode 49 No One is Better

June 7, 2022

Chloe Sales is truly inspiring.  Our conversation contained so many mic-drop moments because she has clearly done a lot of soul-searching.  Her early 20’s were hard as she muddled around figuring out what to do.  However, she has surely found her groove with work as a welder, and discovered a treasure trove of confidence, resilience and strength of character.  I need to listen to the episode on a regular basis, there are so many gems of wisdom her.  It really is true that out of darkness comes light.

Innervation: S2 Ep 48 Make the most of each Day

Innervation: S2 Ep 48 Make the most of each Day

May 31, 2022

Michi Benthaus has been through a lot and that has only made her stronger and more determined to chase after the things she really wants in life. She wants a career in space and despite not feeling like the brightest mathematician and physicist, she is nevertheless fascinated by the industry. Michi knows that successful careers are determined by hardworking and persistence and using these traits that she has in abundance combined with the fact that she is unique in the field of aerospace, she will go far. It's always great to hear other people’s stories because it helps us to carve out our own attitudes towards life.

Innervation: S2 Ep 47 Self-Supportive

Innervation: S2 Ep 47 Self-Supportive

May 24, 2022

Jessica Gagan could be my sister, in the way she thinks, the way she approaches life and how determined and focussed she is to live her best life.  I learned so much from my conversation with her this week.  She is so strong and confident about what she wants in life, and I think that is where I was truly inspired.  Jessica doesn’t apologise for being beautiful, as well as brainy.  On top of that she is so humble.  Yet, her humility keeps her grounded, whilst her education in Aerospace Engineering and fashion modelling are taking off.  Thanks Jess for running with the cards you have been dealt, you are a role model for many of us, because you’ve worked hard for what you have.  You gave me permission today to own how hard worked for my own education.  Engineering is not easy, but engineers really are the best.  

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