Innervation (formerly Scilence)
Innervation: Ep24 Self Awareness

Innervation: Ep24 Self Awareness

December 2, 2020

Self awareness is a super power that I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago.  It’s not about being self-absorbed, but actually about being mindful about your own words and actions.  Being aware about how you function in the world allows you to stand strong and empowered in your own skin.

Innervation: Ep 23 Believe in Yourself

Innervation: Ep 23 Believe in Yourself

November 24, 2020

Something I see in every talented and successful person, is a deep belief in themselves.  They may not be perfect at everything, but they have a kindness and love towards themselves that empowers them in a quietly confident kind of way.  This isn't arrogance, this is a profound knowing of who you are.

Innervation:  Ep 22 Anxiety

Innervation: Ep 22 Anxiety

November 17, 2020

In my experience, anxiety is so energy draining and comes for a multitude of reasons, some past, some present and some future.  In this episode, I look at some ways of how I have come to learn to cope with it.  Together with some perspectives form some women in STEM, we identify some sources of anxiety and learn to deal with it, by facing it head on.  Conquering anxiety is empowering and productive - this discussion tackles how.  

Innervation: Ep21 Perfectionism

Innervation: Ep21 Perfectionism

November 10, 2020

Perfectionism has plagued me my whole life.  Always believing, that once I'm perfect, life will be so much better and easier.  Now, I've come to realise that, that is so not true - as as a result, I'm on a journey of learning to accept myself just as I am.  Its a tricky thing, but its so liberating!  

Innervation: Ep 20 Discovery

Innervation: Ep 20 Discovery

November 4, 2020

It's ok to continue to discovery things as you get older.  We don't have to have all the answers as we get older.  It's fine, to 'not know'.  Having an inner confidence and self-esteem, allows us to feel comfortable in not knowing.  Accepting the unknown.  I discuss this topic and include some of my favourite sound bites on this topic from Scilence.  

Innervation:  Ep19 Blame

Innervation: Ep19 Blame

October 27, 2020

Its so easy to blame others for everything that's happened.  It couldn't possibly have been our fault.  They made me do it!  One of the hardest lessons I have learned in life is that I was usually in charge of my own decisions and therefore responsible for how things turn out.  I can chose my own destiny and the rest is up to the universe.  For me it is an empowering attitude to take charge of my own destiny, and to not blame others for how my life is turning out.

Innervation:  Ep18 Humility

Innervation: Ep18 Humility

October 20, 2020

I once heard a definition of humility as being:  To remain teachable.  I hope I can always keep learning, growing and evolving.  I discuss my thoughts on this beautiful subject and we hear from other women in STEM who have their own perspectives on this topic.  We come to the same conclusions on why it is so rewarding to have humility.  

Innervation:  Ep17 Jealousy

Innervation: Ep17 Jealousy

October 13, 2020

Jealousy is a waste of one's own time and energy, because it means you are comparing yourself to someone else, believing that you lack something others have.  Instead, focus on the gifts you do have and work on obtaining and achieving what you think you need.  Everyone is on their own individual life journey, be happy for others, and you will be happy for yourself.  I've also experienced that when I'm happy for myself, I am also happy for others too!

Innervation:  Ep 16 Being Good Enough

Innervation: Ep 16 Being Good Enough

October 6, 2020

The pursuit of being good enough can occupy most of our time and attention.  Getting into a headspace where we realise that we are already enough and that ambition is something seperate to that, kept me puzzled for many years through my studies, and still baffles me today.  Being good enough should be a baseline state, but it is a concept that often gets confused with goals and objectives in life.  I take a look at this, on this episode, to try to figure out how to deal with it.. 

Innervation:  Ep 15 Taking Things Personally

Innervation: Ep 15 Taking Things Personally

September 29, 2020

Its so easy to take a look, a comment, an action of other people personally.  Doing that though, drains us of our power.  In this episode we discuss how we hold onto our empowerment, by not taking so much to heart.  

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